Monday , August 29 2016

WhatsApp now allows to send gifs


With the recent new update of WhatsApp now is allows you to send images GIFs to our chats. Not have the new update? Quiet, teach you how to update your version of WhatsApp. First of all in order to send GIFs is to install the latest beta of the app, …

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Video unboxing of the new PS4 Slim

The new Slim Sony PS4 console is increasingly a reality and less a fake and so check it the video of unboxing has just launched someone (via NeoGAF) and that you can see right here below. In the video is appreciates the new remote control with the panel front with …

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Rayman Origins free for PC


From today Wednesday 17 of August, and during the next 30 days, can download free and meet you for always the great and amazing Rayman Origins, one of them best games of platforms of all them times. To achieve this, you only have to have (or create your free of …

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Hercules presents its new controller DJControl Instinct P8


Hercules has released the version improved from its little sister, the controller DjControl Instinct P8, which includes several improvements over its predecessor model, with this controller, you’ll be the King of the party, if you don’t want to lose the new improvements, continue reading the news. You sounds like the …

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Battlefield 1: how to start play before anyone else


Battlefield 1 approaching leaps to our consoles and computers as the armoured train from the desert of Sinai. The open beta is just around the corner, and once completed and published requirements minimum and recommended, the reserves of the game will be the order of the day. And everyone will …

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Battlefield 1: how is the new kind of pilot


Battlefield 1 will arrive well loaded with news on October 18. He says he brings an unpublished scenario in the saga and little Treaty in the world of video games, but it also offers us some of his ideas more fresh to get a battle field balanced, fun and challenging. …

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No Man’s Sky: all languages and how to learn them fast


Although the initial feeling not Man completo sky is having millions of planets but are almost all empty, the truth is that there are living beings camped in settlements and buildings of each planet waiting for you to interact with us. There are three different races – the Gek, the …

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FIFA 17: so is the new Ultimate Team


The undisputed king of the simulators of soccer, FIFA, has based its reign on two pillars: good game play and an addictive and competitive online mode. Thanks to this, especially to the second facet, the simulator of EA Sports has got call the attention of the users, that each year …

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