Friday , July 29 2016

Pokémon GO: top ten attack DPS in the game


Yesterday at Xombit Games I showed them by double-entry how worked the system Pokémon GO attacks, as well as ten attacks with greater damage to the game. If you walk in the clouds, a brief summary would be that the classical system where each pokemon has its own attacks still …

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Ozone announces its new products


Ozone has presented its new range of products inspired and designed in collaboration with xPeque after more than one year of intense work with one of the most renowned teams at the national level: origin. The result is a new headset and mouse gaming that will help us to bring …

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Destiny: location and inventory of Xur (29-31 July)


As all the weekends, Xur is back with exceptional objects to complete our inventory. This week has brought exceptional weapon, as well as parts of the sophomore team ready to be acquired and thus increase our level with the aim of quickly reaching 335 light. Xur is located in its …

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Heartstone will receive his new adventure in August

From the Parisian headquarters of Blizzard we get news about the launch of the new adventure of the game of cards Heartstone. The great news is that we already know what will be the release date of this adventure that will come under the name of “one night in Karazhan”. …

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Mafia III presents to Cassandra, the Voodoo Queen

2 K and Hangar 13 have shown the trailer for Mafia III, the latest installment of the series. In this new video focuses on introducing us to Cassandra, Voodoo Queen, showing the reasons for the fascinating “Voodoo Queen” of the Haitian mafia and its plans to end the trafficking of …

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World of Warcraft: Legion displays the new short Presagistas

Blizzard has shown a new video of of Warcraft: Legion, the upcoming expansion for the popular MMO. This is the new short of Presagistas, a series of videos that presents the history of several important characters of this new expansion, and this new release focuses on the Archmage Khadgar. In …

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The King of Fighters XIV presents the Psycho Soldier team

Deep Silver and SNK have shown a new trailer for The King of Fighters XIV, the new installment of the long-lived series of fight. This trailer is the next installment in the series of videos that will show us the various teams of characters who will join the struggle to …

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Where to find a Ditto in Pokémon GO


We know that there are 151 different pokemon in Pokémon GO, but at the moment, not all are available. As happens with Mewtwo and the pokemon legendary, Ditto is disappeared and have emerged rumors of all type on its whereabouts, although the sad reality is that this creature still not …

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