Saturday , August 27 2016

FIFA 17: so is the new Ultimate Team


The undisputed king of the simulators of soccer, FIFA, has based its reign on two pillars: good game play and an addictive and competitive online mode. Thanks to this, especially to the second facet, the simulator of EA Sports has got call the attention of the users, that each year …

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GIGABYTE offers another update free for Thunderbolt 3


GIGABYTE TECHNOLOGY Co. Ltd., company leader in plates and graphics cards is proud to announce a new collection of plates based GIGABYTE, that have been certified by the technology Intel® Thunderbolt 3. GIGABYTE is the leader in the development of this technology, only there is that look in the market …

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Tempest. Analysis PC


Sometimes we can find works from which immerse us in lives outside, some other times telling adventures and hazards, treasures waiting to be found, stories that are waiting to be lived… While is magnificent observe an of those stories or read them own words of who them lived, the world …

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The Black Hat, the new target elusive Hitman, is now available

Io-Interactive and Square Enix has announced that ‘Black Hat‘, the ninth Elusive goal of Hitman, the new title of Agent 47 is now available. This new target will be at the location of Paris during the next 72 hours, but unlike the previous has several characteristics that make it special, …

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Star Wars Battlefront: how to unlock the blaster Relby V10


The amount of weapons, although scarce in a home, Battlefront, has been increasing with each pack of additional content. From the outer edge to the Cloud City of Bespin, we have very interesting new weaponry to complete our arsenal. In Xombit Games already I have how unlock the EE-4, probably …

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The King of Fighters XIV shows its launch trailer

Deep Silver and SNK have shown the launch trailer for The King of Fighters XIV, the new installment of the long-lived series of fight. This video presents several of the fighters showing several sequences taken directly from its playability. In The King of Fighters XIV SNK wants to return to …

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Ubisoft Announces Rocksmith 2014 Edition – Remastered

Ubisoft has announced Rocksmith 2014 Edition – Remastered, a remastered Edition of Rocksmith 2014. This title is also available for players who already have patch downloadable free for all platforms. To celebrate the announcement have shown a new trailer for the title. “Ubisoft’s San Francisco Studio development team continues to …

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A.O.T. Wings of Freedom already is available

Koei Tecmo has announced that it is already available A.O.T. Wings of Freedom, the action title based on the famous series anime Attack on Titan. A.O.T. Wings of Freedom is a title of action that continues line plot of the first season of Attack on Titan, focusing is in the …

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Trailer of Yurine in Criminal Girls 2


Criminal Girls 2 is characterized by releasing a trailer for each of their characters, and this time touched you to Yurine. Criminal Girls 2 Yurine is a tender and affectionate character who turns into a great fighter when he enters combat Yurine presents the typical “mature” character of the anime. …

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