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13 reasons, analysis of the series that has ravaged on Netflix

By 13 reasons argument

13 reasons it’s really a refreshing surprise in Netflix. Based on the novel by Jay Asher, “ ” 13 reasons” tells the story of Hannah Baker, a teenage girl who commits suicide leaving behind him a wave of chaos, sadness and bitterness. But after his death does not a normal and running, duel because Hannah Baker has prepared a surprise for later.

Clay Jensen was a friend of Hannah, even though everyone says that he hardly knew her. More than friend, was deeply in love with her.  We are talking about the typical shy and introverted character of the American series: a nerd, lover of Star Wars and the astronomy and unable to make friends in an American Standard Institute with the spunky turn basketball player making life impossible and his clique of cheerleaders. After the death of Hannah, Clay is quite touched. But things get worse when you receive at home a box of shoes filled with audio tapes.

Gets the first. Press the “play” button and, indeed, heard the voice of Hannah on the other side.

And it is that Hannah Baker has decided to record the reasons why committed suicide 7 tape. Each side dedicated to a person of the Institute responsible for his death and puts a few very simple rules of game: “leave strips a person of confidence that will make them you get. You only have to listen to them until the end and then move the box to the next. If you don’t, my trusted person will be made public and everyone will know what kind of person you are.”

Amid the chaos of the suicide of a student, Clay sees how his world is crumbling listening to one each Simplex ribbons and revealing the cruelties of a new character: cruelties that are inspired by real bullying cases and that anyone who has gone through something similar can be identified. But the thing does not end with the classic accusation of the handsome and popular athlete who always has to be the enemy of all films and American series, because “for 13 reasons” it hides much more. Hide your best friend can return is against you because you think that you can take your boyfriend, how people again face to the suffering of others and how some parents seek answers to what his daughter everywhere, happy and full of life, slit one day the veins.

Clay feel overcome by all this and will soon begin to develop a charge of consciousness that will end up causing you real hallucinations.

Opinion of 13 reasons

“13 reasons” is a masterfully executed American series. With a flawless picture, not introduces us to the typical life of Institute where everything is have fun or turn around the drama of the entertainers vs. the misunderstood. Suddenly we are in classes where adults do not know to handle the students, creating a wall of generational misunderstanding. We see how getting good grades and go to a University can be obsessions of someone who really has decided that it will not reach on Monday. We will be caught up in a plot that will slowly show us that perhaps Hannah Baker not exaggerating as we thought at first.

Because when we meet Hannah the first episodes, we believe that you can have sobreactuado. In our heads we call it dramatic and exaggerated to see that girl so full of life that mocks a little marginalized friend and which is considered as “special”. However, little by little, episode after episode, we see how truly people will adding a grain of sand that accumulates in the feeling of being helpless, in the martyred encountered Hannah Baker… in the loneliness that surrounds it in an Institute where everyone gives back and despises it as if it were a freak.

And suddenly we understand it. We understand it. And we want justice for her. But the series raises a new question: and if Hannah lied in your tapes? Do they deserve parents preview the posthumous testimony of his daughter? And above all… what what did Clay that pushes it to make that final decision?

A highly recommended series that you already have available on Netflix.

Conclusions on “by 13 reasons”.

13 reasons is a story set in the Institute dealing with the issue of bullying first-hand. It accompanies the story of Hannah Baker through tapes that has left behind his suicide. A convoluted, exciting story with a preparation and magnificent building of characters.

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