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7 Internet theories about Stranger Things

Stranger Things is the series of fashion this season. Set in the ‘ 80s, the argument of this incredible production has been in the hands of Matt Duffer and Ross Duffer. Thanks to the giant Netflix and to the good critical, Stranger Things is has become in an of the favorite inside the press specialized. And not only is by your script surprising and different to any thing vista, but also by an aesthetic polished and worked and a design of production of great scale that makes that us dive of full in the atmosphere that built. For those that still do not have seen the series or are in this, care, SPOILERS in later.

Stranger Things is the story of four children that is together to play in the basement of his house to Dungeons and Dragons.

When arrives the time of return is to House, Will, one of them four, see that something terrible is chasing after him and runs to the shed. To it tomorrow following, when your mother is lifts, see that not there is trace of its small.

Hysterical, Lois (the mother) will start a search frantic that will involve to the addict of his ex-marido, to his son greater teen and to all the shocked people.

Meanwhile, the other three children, depressed and distressed by the disappearance of his friend, are in the middle of the forest with a girl who flees from a scientific laboratory. Is ago call “eleven” and it only that we know is that, by where she passes, always just appearing the death.

To weigh that in a first time can raise us that the argument is very seen or that can predict the future of the script, you assure that not is as well. Stranger Things has its own way of telling them things. And not only that, but it also its end is so disturbing that Internet has been launched in the plot of their own theories about what actually will happen.

And we have compiled them in a video. What do you think of them?

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