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A New Life, release August 30

How many times you have regretted a decision in your life or have you wondered how it would have been if you had taken the opposite road? Under this premise was born, to New Life, of the Serbian Bigosaur.

A New Life allows you to see how our life in other circumstances would

Day after day take decisions that end up marking our life, do you remember of your first partner? What would have happened if you had to watch it? What would our lives be like if we were rich? (Yes, even more hehe). Even, what would happen if our preferences sex were different? As this new Simulator allows us to make all those decisions and to see the consequences of each of them.

The creators promise us a realistic simulation experience coupled with an accessible and intuitive interface, where we will be able to provide our protagonist of what there is in the depths of our heart, but at the same time, giving rise to some randomness with unexpected occurrences such as accidents, natural disasters or unique opportunities.

If always has had desire of experience to New Life, tell you that this game will be released for iOS the next 30 of August by 0.99€. We leave a trailer so you dig you out:

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