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A. W. Phoenix Festa already is available

In the offices of Bandai Namco are of Premiere, and is that today is debuts in the Playstation Store A.W. Phoenix Festa in the regions of Europe, Africa and East half.

For those who don’t know it, this title is based on the novels, mangas and even the series anime “The Asterisk War: The Academy City on the Water”. To. W. Phoenix Festa combines two genres very different as are the simulation of appointments, something very popular within the market Asian, and them fighting.

The game us situated in a future post-apocalyptic in the city of Asterisk where there are six academies whose students fight in them different tournaments called Festas. We may put us in the shoes of the protagonist Ayato Amagiri or create our own character con which we will have to attend the Academy Seidoukan where we have to train ourselves for tournaments and interact with other characters and even find love.

“We are very proud of offer the license Asterisk War to West and to those fans European.” “We are confident the game will please both fans and players of simulacion-accion and will open the way for this brand in Europe”.

As we have already said A. W. Phoenix Festa is now available for Playstation Vita although we can only buy it in digital format

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