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ABZU shows a new trailer with music by Austin Wintory

Giant Squid and 505 Games have shown a new trailer of ABZU, independent of underwater adventures title. Austin Wintory, known for the nomination to the GRAMMY for his work on Journey, has worked again with director Matt Nava to join their talents and create this last trailer that transmits, through music, the passion and the feelings of ABZU. The music relaxing of Wintory next to the sensitivity artistic dips to them players in the serenity of the waters of the ocean giving place to a moving history of wonders and exploration.

ABZU is a title of adventure in which we enter in a descent epic to the depths of the sea where to explore the mysteries and wonders of the ocean. As a diver will discover a true connection with the ocean, as the world that them surrounds them is revealing their secret. Fluid swimming movements allow the diver to interact with forests of seaweed Kelp, thousands of fish and hidden worlds that will go across on their way along his quest.

ABZU will arrive Aug. 2 for Playstation 4 and PCthrough Steam. Then we leave her new trailer.

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