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Acer is sponsor of the world LoL 2016 and of the upcoming All Star

Acer has been named official sponsor of the World Championship of League of Legends of 2016 and the All Star in 2016, with the participation with LoL esports that begins now and continues through the duration of these events. With the helps of CAA to carry to out this collaboration, Acer will provide monitors Predator XB1 (XB241H) for the great party world of them esports, equipping them rooms of training professional and them scenarios, and showing all the action during them split. This action of marketing also includes integration of the brand during worldwide broadcasts and ASE, and will be offered the opportunity to live unique experiences to the most avid players.

“Acer is committed to expanding the boundaries of the gaming world and earned a solid reputation with its globally acclaimed gaming line of laptops, desktops and monitors Predator, bringing new and technology relevant to the market in a manner consistent.” This sponsorship for the Championship world of League of Legends and the event All Star 2016 of League of Legends, two of the events world more popular and exciting, will help to demonstrate the progress of Acer within the world of the gaming. “The monitors Predator XB1 will provide an experience immersive to them players professional that them will allow take their skills to the limit and delight to their fans”

Innovators and renowned monitors Predator bring players a new frontier in terms of competitiveness

Acer Predator line won countless awards in recognition for providing an extra competitive gamers and industry. Acer Predator XB241H wears an incredible 24 inch screen Full HD 1080 p with NVIDIA G-Sync, a rapid response of 1 ms and up to a few very fast rendering update ratio 144Hz fast-moving action and dramatic transitions without smudge is. For enthusiasts and professional that seek to boost his game more beyond of them limits, Predator XB241H allows be optimized to them 180Hz. Also provides broad angles of vision with colors precise of up to 170 degrees horizontally and 160 vertically, so no objective is can escape.

Thanks to GameView, Acer Predator XB241H allows to them gamers change quickly and easily between three profiles customizable to adjust configurations within the game without the need of navigate by a menu OSD, an advantage significant when each second has. Other settings include the possibility of adjusting black levels to ensure that every threat is visible, fixation of the white to gain an advantage over opponents and perfect shot, and the ability to select the screen update rate. Do EyeProtect adjusts the flicker and filters them lights blue, ComfyView and them technologies of low darkening prevent them shines and allows to the user reduce the emissions of light blue, helping lower it fatigue eye during long split. With VESA wall mountable bracket, Predator XB241H maximize the space on the desktop and your bottom of screen you can adjust up to 5.9 inches and tilt from – 5 up to 35 degrees to a more comfortable viewing. Its HDMI and displayport allows a powerful connectivity.

League of Legends World Championship brings together professionals from the gaming around the world

The world of 2016 of League of Legends, or World Championship, is an international tournament of sports that takes place for more than five weeks of competitive play. The best 16 teams of all the world who have won their regional leagues come together to compete on an international stage; teams from North America, Europe, Korea, China, Taiwan and other regions will compete for a total of $ 2 million in prize money. The World Cup kicks off on September 29 and the finals will take place on 29 October in Los Angeles.

The All Stars of League of Legends brings the fun to fans

After the League of Legends of 2016 World Championship, fans can join in the fun and vote for their favorite players to compete in the event of all-Star League of Legends of 2016. All Star introduces votes from fans, unexpected pairings and game modes to test real professionals skills and create a unique and memorable event. It will be held in Barcelona between 8 and 11 December.

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