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Alaska, the new region of Steep, is now available

Ubisoft has announced that new additional content from Steep is now available free of charge for Xbox One, PlayStation 4 and PC. Thanks to this new update players can now enjoy skiing, snowboarding, wear the costume’s wings and embark on paragliding to explore a new region of the open-world game, Alaska.

The wild and rugged peaks of Mount Denali offer from now 21 new challenges, 2 sponsored challenges and a history of mountain all players Steep wanting to conquer new territory, including lines of descent, extreme peaks, huge glaciers, new urban areas and miles of unspoiled wilderness.

Two new challenges Invitational challenge to players who want to increase their prestige looking for the limit on the slopes and beating themselves in markers. Supporters of Steep can continue customizing lines and repeats wearing new elements inspired by Alaska.

The latest updates from Steep allow players to focus on fun, incorporating significant improvements on the main features of the game, as the system of tricks and Fuerza-G impacts. In addition, the new camera angles and the option to record repeats without the HUD gives players greater freedom if possible when it comes to demonstrate its best acrobatics in edit mode.

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