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Alex Colt. Space Cadet is now available in bookstores

Since yesterday, April 5, is available on the shelves, Alex Colt Space Cadet, the first juvenile series of the author of international bestsellers Juan Gómez-Jurado. This serious has been designed so that the children will become avid readers, based on own tales told Juan Gómez-sworn to their children.

A series of books in the style of Star Wars, guardians of the Galaxy or the Avengers… With fun artwork of Fran Ferriz containing allusions to adults as an element of connection between parents and children.

DO NOT READ THIS BOOK. It could happen that you never get to touching the ground at falling down a water slide and you go to a place of outer space where a fearsome species, the zarkianos, is at war with the rest of the Confederacy planets…

You might discover that there is a clumsy, brave and sympathetic human child who has elected to change things and protect the universe: Alex Colt. He and his quirky alien friends form a group of outcasts and losers aboard the damaged ship school mother who travels the Galaxy.

Do not read this book, especially if you don’t like beans. If you don’t like beans and you open this book – all that counts here is true, all!-you could end up becoming a space pilot, or even worse, a hero.

Then we leave you with the book trailer for Alex Colt Space Cadet.

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