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Announced Steel Division: 44 Normandy, a real-time strategy title

Paradox Interactive has announced its collaboration with Eugen Systems for the launch of Steel Division: Normandy 44, a new title for PC real-time tactical strategy. To celebrate the announcement, they have shown the first trailer for the title that displays some details of the history of the title.

Steel Division: 44 Normandy is a strategy that will put us in charge of vehicles, troops and tanks itemized in the middle of World War II. It will include campaign for a player, as well as modes of multiplayer game online, which include battles 10 vs10. The title will feature great historical accuracy, since the rendering of the tanks to the game maps, based on aerial photographs of recognition reales in Normandy in 1944.

“Few developers appreciate the strategy and history as much as Eugen Systems, and this is what makes it ideal our collaboration,” said Fredrik Wester, CEO of Paradox Interactive. “The level of detail that we have included in the Steel Division is impressive, and I know that we will comply with the high standards having fans of Paradox when it comes to their historic games.”

Steel Division: 44 Normandy reach PC at the end of this year. Then we leave the trailer.

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