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Announced strategy to 2017 I-Kai watch

VIZ Media Europe announces that the first year of operation of the license I-Kai Watch in Europe has been a resounding success. Created as a franchise 360, them pillars main of the license-the game of Nintendo 3DS, the series of animation for television and them toys-enjoyed of great popularity among them children. Distributed by Hasbro line of toys swept sales Christmas while anime attained maximum audience and the game became one of Nintendo titles sold in 2016.

For this reason VIZ Media Europe has confirmed that the launch of season 2 of the series will be in April and that it will mark a new stage in the development of Watch I-Kai, with the ambition of becoming the leading child license 2017.

Also, the different companies responsible of distribute the license in Europe and Spain, have offered the first details about the launch of their new products.

On the one hand Nintendo will launch the 7 of April the new game of the saga for 3DS, that will be available in two versions: I-Kai Watch 2: Fantasqueletos and I-Kai Watch 2: Carnanimas. To your time, Boing announces that the season 2 of the series of television will come in spring with 50 new episodes that will introduce new I-kai and a new version of an I-kai iconic. The calendar of programming also includes the arrival of the season 1 to Netflix in July.

Hasbro will launch a new line of toys that will include a new model of the clock and new collectable medals which are fitted with technology I-motion, allowing the imaging of I-kai. The first game of I-kai Watch will launch this spring.

On the other hand I-Kai Watch Wibble Wobble, an app mobile free-to-play developed by Level-5, was launched in iOS and Android this spring. Other two applications will arrive in July and October of 2017. Also announced is that during the month of September Debuts film I-Kai Watch, Watch I-Kai: The Movie

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