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Antihero. First impressions PC

In Antihero are the leader of a Guild of thieves seeking to take over control of the city. We are in a strategy game, with isometric view of a Board depicting a small village, with houses, streets and special buildings, all within a very colorful ambiance in the London Victorian era (this time period covers more or less between the year 1830 until early 1900, he is so known because Queen Victoria reigned during that time in England) (, marking a before and an after in the industrial revolution and the English Empire). A title that is played by turns, in which we can play against the AI or online multiplayer mode.

Antihero is proposing a gameplay where our character has ‘x’ amount of movements available to move in the city (the Board), for example: you can move three spaces per turn, but if you use a movement of attack, you can not move more; physical attacks are unlocked more forward using flashlights. Our henchmen also can move around the map, to infiltrate buildings, fight against the cronies of the opposing team, or other activities. It the map should always be explored, is “hidden”, and as we move with the main character, you are becoming visible (as in Age of Empires), this allows our partners access to buildings that are discovered.


Our main objective is to be the master of thieves, stealing, bribing and killing, while we are enlarging the amount of minions who accompany us. The two main objects in the game are the coins and the headlights. Both are available whenever our turn ends. There are several ways to get famous coins and lanterns: murder special characters that appear throughout the game, robbing houses gives coins, infiltrating us in special buildings (banks, taverns, brothels, etc) can give us with flashlights. Now, these two precious items serve to recruit rogue to join our cause or to buy enhancements that give us advantage over our enemies, they can also be made with such perks.

These perks are distributed in three different trees of skills, we have the Skullduggery: unlock the kitchen that serves to recruit thieves who infiltrate buildings, unlock explosives for one of the characters that is killer, among others. The Sneakery: basically allows you to improve your character, so you can walk further among other things. Finally the Stabbery, are accessed through a menu called upgrades. In this same menu we find a mechanic called “charity”, which allows us to receive money or flashlights through charity, if we make some improvement in the activity tree can not receive charity.


The art of the game is good where there are many funny characters and environments are nice, achieving a good atmosphere, getting that special touch of that period. The sound section is regular, forming a good indie that is very nice piece of play either against the AI in multiplayer mode.

Conclusion Antihero

In Antihero found a good game, easy to play and fun, where the rich become victims of the underworld and the bad guys only look for ways to survive. Strategy of fast pace with well-made environments, but that in the long run you can feel repetitive.

Antihero will go on sale July 12, at a price of $14.99, if we bought it before that date we can buy it to $11.99 from Steam. Distributed by Versus Evil (responsible for The Banner Saga and Holodrive) and developed by Tim Conkling we can find it available for Mac, Windows, iOS, and Android.

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