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Arctic Freezer Announces i32 Plus additional fan

Arctic has announced the improved version of the Arctic Freezer i32, Arctic Freezer i32 Plus by adding an ultra-quiet F12 PWM fan for a more chilled it is capable of cooling up to 320 Watts.

Improved refrigerator Freezer ARCTIC i32 Plus is equipped with an additional fan to cool processors with a large workload. Both fans are mounted on opposite sides of the sink and, therefore, provide a great flow of air. He first fan pushes the air through the heatsink, while the second it extracts of it.

Arctic Freezer i32 Plus Cooler

Thanks to its award-winning performance of chilled 320 Watt, the Freezer i32 Plus is the perfect accessory for the lovers of computers looking for a competitive solution for cooling of the processor.  

Arctic Freezer i32 Plus Especificaciones

The Freezer i32 Plus is available in the Arctic store and Amazon.

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