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Arctic presents their new helmets sports

Arctic has presented the second generation of their headphones, them P324 BT (Gen 2), ones helmets bluetooth that us will give all what need for to listen music while performed our sport favorite, all without the more minimum problem since count with protection against them elements and the sweat.

The BT P324 (Gen 2), are a few Ultralight Headphone equipped with a headband so it sticks to our neck, by what will not have problems to take them, to add your system bluetooth, perfect for any situation in which we have our smartphone by. Earmuffs that accompany can remove them without any problems, and can wash them and leave them ready for our next session. The battery with which these headphones come us will last 20 hours of use, so there is no excuse to be able to listen to music while we do sport.

Can find them headphones P324 BT (Gen 2) on Amazon at a price of 34,90€.

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