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Ballistic Overkill, Aquiris Game Studio, officially comes to Steam

Aquiris Game Studio has announced that Ballistic Overkill, its PvP shooter, comes to Steam for Linux, Mac, and Windows platforms. The main objective of the game is to place players to compete in an environment that is balanced in which they can specialize in their own style of gameplay with any of the seven available classes. The game has gone through 2 years of development in which a passionate community has been key to create a balanced and challenging experience. Last but not least, accessibility has been one of the pillars of Ballistic Overkill, offering a product as complete as possible at an affordable price (11.99 euros/dollars) and highly optimized for little powerful configurations. The game will also receive constant updates over the coming months.

The game currently offers:

  • More than 80 weapons. From pistols, SMGs, grenade launcher, sniper to katanas, etc. rifles
  • 7 kinds. Each a com their strengths and particular weaknesses.
  • 10 maps. A Museum, a corporate Park, a shopping center and even an abandoned hospital, Ballistic Overkill covers a wide variety of locations throughout its 10 maps. Of very different sizes, each with its own atmosphere and design which makes them unique.
  • 4 game modes. All maps have several game modes available: equipment dispute, all against all, capture points and King of the Hill.
  • Integration with the market of Steam. With more than 80 weapons in the game, there is always a new way to eliminate your enemies in Ballistic Overkill. And better still, all weapons have skins/appearances, which are released in boxes randomly, which can be changed, purchased, or sold through the market’s Steam system. Periodically, the appearances of firearms season will change, allowing players to get new skins and accessories.
  • Creation of custom servers. Players can create their own servers (or one of the more than 35 dedicated official servers that we have available world-wide), choose a map and game mode, and invite their friends to play.

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