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Battle Princess Madelyn. First impressions PC

Rarely we can talk about exciting projects that we remind our younger children, at least in my case, but the truth is that we are now going to talk about one of those titles that awaken the child that we have inside, that he took the command of Super Nintendo and not released it with boiling water. Casual Bit Games is in charge of the development of Battle Princess Madelyn, a title with a strong inspiration and that is having great results on Kickstarter.

The first thing we would like to talk about is precisely its project in crowdfunding platform and is that people are in love with very fast Battle Princess Madelyn, reaching the point of getting the necessary funding, $60,000 Canadian, in a very short time. Currently the project left 15 days and already carry $146,000 collected, leaving them less than $4,000 to the last extra fundraising target set by the study, almost nothing. At the same time it has also reached Steam Greenlight, where also can download a demo of the version pre-alpha to learn at first hand how is the game.

battle princess madelyn

As we said at the beginning, Battle Princess Madelyn has a very bold inspiration and is, as the director of Casual Bit Games reviewed, Christopher Obritsch, the project arose partly from her daughter, who asked him to appear in the Ghouls’n Ghosts whom only failed to respond you in a way… what color like armor?

The story we find ourselves in this title is pretty simple, but I already warned that is written by an author of children’s books, so we are confident that there will be much to discover. An evil wizard has kidnapped the family of heroin and has killed your dog, Fritzy, so the Warrior will do its utmost to retrieve his family, helped also by the spirit of your pet.

Graphically not can become more like Ghouls’n Ghosts is that we we have not only the same scenarios pixelated, much more detailed and varied than the original, but also with the same movements as the legendary Arthur jump or its unique form of Crouching. The gameplay is exactly the same, go forward by the scenes in 2D, dodging and shooting enemies with different weapons that we will be getting our adventures, if we touch we will lose first armor and then life… but with a little more modern mechanical as the double jump or the help of Fritzy, who act as a turret with two different skills , at least in the pre-alpha we tested: transform into ghost that eats enemies or shooting whenever we do. This will consume your energy, which will recharge to kill enemies (if for any reason we die, this bar will be which will allow us to continue playing by what must always have something filled).

The scenarios are full of secrets that will have to be revealing to make our character which suits our game system, being able to choose between 10 different weapons, which the vast majority we can launch in four different directions. Battle Princess Madelyn consists, at first since you can change with the funding on Kickstarter, 10 levels each in five large stages, divided by what we are not talking of a small game. Also each of these screens can repeat them many times that we want to, to discover secrets, weapons… the replayability is assured.

battle princess madelyn

The truth is that to be a version pre-alpha we have seen a number of details and quality to work because they make us see how will be the final result, with very few problems when it comes to playability as often happens in these versions. Special mention for sound paragraph and is that we will be able to choose between an arcade version and other orchestral, both showing all the love that has the study by 8-bit games.

One of the points against which we have been able to find him, and to say that it is against since it is really faithful to the style of this genre, is that at times the scenes become something chaotic, since something is always going on. The enemies won’t get out of either side, being able to do so unless we see it by a our height on the stage with the consequent loss of life or armor. In addition even the monsters that are not visible may also be a focus of conflicts, firing unless we see them. Certainly the game will bring the best of our reflexes that, if they are not too good, you can be frustrating.

Conclusions Battle Princess Madelyn

We have been tested the version pre-alpha of Casual Bit Games title and the truth is that, still not completed their Kickstarter campaign, we’ve been transported to our earliest childhood where Super Nintendo and Capcom reigned with a title as mythical as Super Ghosts’n Goblins. His spirit is present at every step we take, modernized and a tender story of Fund thanks to Christopher Obritsch, director of the study, and his daughter who also helps with the designs of the enemies.

Battle Princess Madelyn has come to us to the heart, as well as it will be for users of PC, PlayStation 4, Xbox One and Nintendo Switch is expected in February 2018.

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