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Battlefield 1: changes in conquest and tanks


Battlefield 1 is just around the corner and says has heard major requests from users who tested the beta and it has already announced a few changes that will have the final game. The beta brought together 13 million users, and although the game left good feelings to almost everyone, there were several quite criticized aspects.

One of them was the new system of conquest, that although works, has left to many players disgruntled because now its, “style of game”, let of be valued. In the beta, get eliminations did for game tickets, and this bothered enough to many players, but says has heard them.

Changes in the mode Battlefield conquest 1

battlefield 1 conquista

In conquest, we need to get more tickets than the enemy. In previous installments was on the contrary, we had a number of ticket and lost which before was 0. This was achieved by having more flags than the opposing team, and getting more deletions. In ranked matches, sometimes I earned the team that most eliminated, others which had more flags, but is true that the fact that the deletions were, added a very interesting final stress.

Battlefield 1 this idea was going to be eliminated. Here the teams depart from scratch and win that first reaches the limit number. In the beta this was done by capturing flags, which most had longer, more tickets earned. They have now added that deletions have, what it will give a plus of interest to many items, and will fulfill the requirements of many users.

Changes in the mode Battlefield assault 1

armas battlefield 1

Although he says has not given details on the matter, he said that he had listened to users. One of the main complaints is that assault needs more people in each game, and is quite likely that, as in previous installments, the owners of dedicated servers can decide to put the limit of players who want to.

Another aspect that was slightly broken was the subject of what was the attacking team and defender. The attackers had many tanks, and it was easy to move forward with a couple of tanks while a few snipers shared lead in the distance. While defenders were each long tank and the need, therefore, have many players with the kind of assault. Maybe the shots go out there.

Changes in tanks

battlefield 1 vehiculo

No doubt the main complaint of users was that the tanks were very op. He says he knew it in advance and already warned that the light tank Renault to be nerfed in the final game. This remains, what will not ignore is that the tanks are powerful, they want them to be, that we have much fear of confronting them because in the first world war, his vision was so terrifying.

Anyway Yes that are going to give more resources to destroy tanks, and it is likely that some that already existed have some kind of balancing to do more harm. What is clear is that the assault class is going to be very important, in addition, they have announced that support will also have very powerful add-ins against tanks.

Changes in horses

beta abierta battlefield 1

The hardness of the horses and the ease to kill with the sword were other things that users looked very op. And the truth is that the life of horses was very high, so facing the launch of Battlefield 1, should be nerfeados. Another thing that will have an adjustment, rather than a rolling, is the subject of Sabre. There were times that a rider you killed from afar with the lightsaber, which made easy to get very big gusts. This glitch will be fixed with a view to the final version.

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