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Battlefield 1: knows all the details of the Premium

battlefield 1

Increasingly lack for the arrival of Battlefield 1, and beta, which you can get access in advance with our tutorial. As usual in every Battlefield, says has included a Premium pass for players who go to squeeze the game for months, even years.

This pass Premium, gives access to all the contents of payment and advantages, is one of the most anticipated elements of each Battlefield delivery, and on this occasion, says does not disappoint with the durability that will offer its next shooter. If we take into account that Battlefield 4 had a life of 4 years between the free and the DLC’s payment, we can expect the same Battlefield 1, and even more.

Contents of the pass Premium of Battlefield 1

As usual in says, the Premium of Battlefield 1 you will have four large packages of content (which may be purchased without buying the Premium-paying), maps, weapons, vehicles and more. And, of course, the advantages of access advance and Battlepacks usual in each Premium. But you have with detail all the contents known up to now.

The first package of content will arrive in March from 2017, six months after the launch of the game. “They Shall Not Pass” will be called and will be focused in the French army. We can play in the side French and arrive vehicles and weapons French. Of course also will have four maps completely new for the multiplayer.

The second pack is not known when, or how is called, but it is known that it will bring to the Russian army, so we can expect that some of the four maps are located on the front of the Carpathians and the Caucasus, against Turkish and austrohungaros. It will also bring expected vehicles and weapons of this faction.


Of the third and fourth packages of content not is knows nothing, unless, as the previous, will have four maps completely new each one and that introduced others two factions to the multiplayer. Yes, also with their vehicles and their weapons.

But this is not all that offers the Premium of Battlefield 1. It will also bring two weeks of advanced access to each payment expansion pack, new operations and game modes that will provide diversity to the set, new kinds of elite for new maps, 20 new weapons in total, 14 14 battlepacks and identification badges.

How will be the content of the battlepacks or how will the increasesis not yet known, but as expected, they will have these increases of limited duration, aspects of vehicles and weapons and accessories XP. It is likely that each month Premium users receive their corresponding battlepack.


There is that remember that, besides all this content of payment, Battlefield 1 will receive its first map completely free to end of 2016, and is expected that out more content free along the life useful of the game, although still not have dates confirmed. We will probably have a detailed timetable when you exit the game.

The Premium of Battlefield 1 because you can buy the Ultimate Edition, which costs €130 for all users (counting with a €10 discount if you buy it separately) and €116 if we users of Origin or Access EA.

If you are interested in Battlefield 1 be sure to stop by Xombit Games to get to know all about the new title of said. Among other things, you have how will operate the train of the Sinai, how is unlock them weapons and how will be the class of cavalry.

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