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Battlefield 1: the best equipment of the assault

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The diversity of devices that have in the multiplayer of Battlefield 1 to customize our kinds, is one of them main attractive of each delivery of the saga. It SAYS knows how to balance so that each class has unique abilities on the field of battle, and, probably in Battelfield 1, it is more evident than ever, and at the same time, more varied.

In Xombit Games we want to show you the best equipment for each class (already have the best for the medical). They are the ones that that class gets goals for which has been designed and, in general, to take out more points. Today we are going to tell how properly equipping the assault. Although remember, Battlefield 1 is varied, and in that lies the fun.

Best equipment for assault

battlefield asalto equipamiento

An of them things that always say in Xombit Games on the classes of any Battlefield is it following: If like get points, plays as the class is intended. And if the doctor cures, the assault destroyed vehicles; is thus of simple. So what have that make on the map, in addition to play to those objectives of the mode in which are, is destroy vehicles.

We are not going to recommend a specific weapon. The assault is one of which more variety has, all their weapons, even them shotguns, are quite different between itself, so it leave to your choice. What yes I recommend is that use weapons of trench. The advantage of the assault is that you shoot like no hip, something that can maximize throwing gas grenades, wearing the mask and killing as if nothing. Weapons of trench has a bonus to the hip shot, so that’s your game.

cuerpo battlefield 1 arma

In devices, we like to take the anti-tank gun and grenade anti-tank. Although dynamite can do more harm than both devices together, given the nature of the tanks, it will be very difficult to get close to them to plant it and detonated it. It good of these devices that you have mentioned is that them can use with much distance (the canon) and a distance relative (the grenade). In addition are also very versatile for use against the infantry. In fact, the Canyon is a surrogate perfect of the sniper.

Of all modes, if are accustomed to use the dynamite with good results against vehicles, not there is reason to change, unless want others experiences. The idea is to get many points against vehicles, not against soldiers, is what will give us many points by playing with the class as it is intended. So in the background, giving equal what we disable and we destroy vehicles, the important thing is to do it. For us, the canon and the granada are devices more versatile and mobile for this.

On the other hand, and as advanced before, it granada favorite of the assault is the of gas. To me I like much more use the incendiary, is so annoying as it of gas, but not you pounds of it putting you the mask. But as I said, the bonus of hip that has the assault with weapons of trench makes pulling a gas and go with the mask to sweep enemy a delight. And a mine of points that also will increase our k/d ratio. Although like other grenades, we recommend you to exploit this strong point of the assault.

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