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Battlefront: testing free of Bespin, new contract Hutt and double XP event


Star Wars Battlefront it takes seven months between us but has left much fabric you cut from this summer until, at least, next winter, at least as far as events and content concerns. He says and EA we want flawed to the screen all the time, and so we will have two new packages of content that promise lots of fun. However, not you we will need take the portfolio to enjoy all what is coming.

This summer, and up to the output of the package of additional content, the death star (September 23), we have a series of events that all can enjoy, regardless of whether we have or not season pass or any of the DLC out to date. Among them, two free trials of the last Battlefront additional content is: Bespin.


First trial of Bespin

The weekend of the 19 to the 23 of August you can enjoy of all the content of Bespin. I.e., we can play in the corridors of cloud city, be Lando or Dengar, testing new weapons and vehicles… Thus it will sting the bug to us and we will have more or less desire to buy the DLC or point us to the season pass. EA are very clever, but in Exchange for the temptation, we have the opportunity to try before you decide to buy it or not.

New contract of Hutt

The Tuesday August 30 becomes a new contract from Jabba the Hutt. We don’t have many details, so by what we know could be a weapon or a Star chart. What we do have clear is that they reach Battlefront with this new contract, hours of entertainment to complete this new challenge.

Second trial of Bespin

This time will have a week whole, from the Monday 12 of September to the Sunday 18, to test the package of content additional Bespin, decorated in the city of the clouds, that appeared in the episode V. If we did not have enough in August, now will have the opportunity to spin this content to the fullest to see if us convinces, a few days from the output of which will probably be the most anticipated of all: the death star.

Double XP event


Friday, September 23rd to Sunday 25, there will be an event of double XP for those who play modes and maps of the death star to celebrate its launch. Unfortunately this event is not open to all, since 23 get this DLC only for season pass owners, who enjoy advance access. However, it is likely having more events double XP for those who buy separate DLC, and future free testing to see if us convinces.

This is all what is coming by now on the Battlefront universe of says. Star Wars is that burns in our consoles and computers and what is by get is simply amazing. Be sure to go through Xombit Games to learn the five best star charts, the five best blasters of the base game and how to be a master with the heroes and villains.

And you you think? Stop by Battlefront: free trials of Bespin, new contract Hutt and event of double XP to leave your footprint.

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