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Begin the sale of Halloween on Steam

Valve has released the chilling Halloween on Steam deals with grave offerings that will come by your wallet * muahahaha *.

As is of wait, all brings thematic of games of fear, horror and suspense with up to a 80% of discount, stressing Dead Space, SOMA, The Walking Dead, Killing Floor, System Shock 2, Resident Evil, Bioshock and more. In addition as special, will be playable free Natural Selection 2 throughout this weekend.

Nothing out of normal in that sense, but what stands out in this edition is the inclusion of movies and games that added content for the holidays. Among the films we see The Poisoning, The Basement, An American Werewolf in London, Parasite and more.

Several of the games with new content also has discounted rate as Euro Truck Simulator 2, Battlerite, Payday 2, Duck Game, Youtubers Life, SUPERHOT and others.

The deals will be available until Tuesday 1 November afternoon.

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