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Big Bang Racing is now available

Both Android as iOS mobile devices can now download for free Big Bang Racing, a race with real physical title in which is a vitally important social game component since absolutely all levels are generated by the players themselves.

Big Bang Racing based his system of creation in a few simple controls using touch screens of smartphones and tablets. Obviously in addition to the component of creation that will allow us to bring our imagination to the limit game is based both in racing and puzzles that we are on different levels and overcome them before our opponents.

The title has an exciting career where we compete against other users and an adventure mode in which we will have to solve puzzles and collect treasures to reach the highest world ranking position improving vehicles with which we compete and customizing them with more attractive hats that we find.

As we have already said Big Bang Racing already is available so you can download it completely free and translated into English, French, German, Spanish, Italian and Portuguese, and later in 2016 also will be translated into Russian and other languages for the Asian market.

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