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Big Five, Anno 2205 free DLC

Ubisoft and Blue Byte have launched the Big Five pack for the game Anno 2205, a free DLC which includes new features, updates, and new ornaments.

The Big Five pack introduces in-game economic war. The player can go into the stock market and compete with the Big Five, the five most influential corporations, to be done with actions, influence on the sector and the dominance of the industry. Compete with Big Five offers challenges, rewards special and enhancers to provide a great experience in terms of the final strategy is concerned.

The player will have at their disposal various tools, that will help him prevail in the economic war and receive various bonuses. You have to unlock additional empowered to dominate the industry, which will be a special reward. Also there will be available a new building “Park” and a new resource “influence”.

Besides the economic war, the update adds new features: The effects of Sector. Catastrophes (the Hacker’s attack or the climate war) are temporary and can be removed by resolving a mission of countermeasures. On the other hand, the characteristics of the Sector affect the regions permanently in a positive or negative way.

Also took the opportunity to announce the next DLC that will be available in the Season Pass of the game: Orbit, which will allow players to build their special station through modules, offering a scientific system and research to improve different areas of their corporations.

Anno 2205 is a futuristic game dealing with the simulation and real-time city-building, developed by the Studio of UbisoftBlue Byte. We will be part of mankind to build a tomorrow better, we conquer the Earth to create cities and powerful industries. It is the sixth game in the Anno series, published on 3 November 2015.

Anno 2205 pack Big Five
Anno 2205 pack Big Five
Anno 2205 pack Big Five
Anno 2205 pack Big Five
Anno 2205 pack Big Five

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