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Bikkuri Island, analysis of a retro game in Japan Guide

Recently had the possibility of analyzing Bikkuri Island. Bikkuri Island is the first book of David Bosca, founder of the blog “A creative Spanish in Japan”. In it, David tells all the tricks, guides, and advice that any retro games Hunter could wish. From a time to get up to go to a flea market to how negotiate with employees of certain shopping malls.

With experience giving you the years of experiences in Japan, Bikkuri Island collects an enormous amount of information divided into chapters by zones and cities: Osaka, Kobe, Hiroshima, Tokyo and Nagoya. After a brief introduction of the city and its customs, it passes to recommend the best dishes and the cuisine of each region that we not drag us dead of hunger Japanese streets in search of a bargain. Open us the appetite with dishes such as sushi and historical reviews, but also with other less known such as okonomiyaki and its different varieties of preparation or the takoyaki.

Then, us will make a profuse analysis of all the local commercial of the area where can find video games retro. Following the example of the blogs specialized in video games and film analysis, stores with positive and negative evaluations according to their standard rate. As well, qualities such as inability to pay with card or that employees do not know very well if the game is in multi-language will be a penalty in their appraisals. In the same way, will provide us with valuable information on the prices and location of stores strangest of all these major cities.

At the end of each chapter gives information about the culture of Japan related to video games and other premises for lovers of the genre of the “geek”, such as the Café maids or the pinball Museum. And complete each section with a list of games that came out only in Japan and the impact it caused at the time.

Bikkuri Island is a very comfortable to read, 271 pages Softcover book soft and sewn by hand. Their recommended retail price are € 22, available on the official web page of paper Heroes.

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