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Binary, the new comic of Overwatch, is now available

Blizzard has announced that it is already available binary, the new installment in the series of comics digital which extend to us the history of Overwatch.

This new release is eoral by Matt Burns and James Waugh of Blizzard, and illustrated by Joe Ng and Espen Grundetjernis.¬†Binary takes place in Sweden shortly after the fall of Overwatch. The locals have seen a Unit Bastion wandering through the forests and believe that it is only a matter of time before the dangerous omnico attempt to destroy them all. When they are gathered to decide what to do, a mysterious stranger arrives… Someone experienced in fighting units Bastion and is looking forward to hunt them down.

You can read the comic, or download it, through this link:

Overwatch is a multiplayer action game by teams, with elements of MOBA, which takes place in the near future, on Earth. Each game is a frantic multiplayer duel that pits two teams of 6 people who can choose between a motley cast of heroes, scientists, adventurers, mercenaries and wonders in an epic conflict worldwide. Every hero will have with a type different skills and must assume a role different within the team, as attack, defense, tank or support.

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