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Bye-bye BoxBoy! announces its date of release

Nintendo has announced the date of launch of Bye-Bye BoxBoy!, the new delivery of the saga of platforms and puzzles of Nintendo 3DS. In addition, the company has revealed that, from today itself, the title will feature a demo in the eShop containing a selection of levels of all three deliveries saga.

Bye-bye BoxBoy! is a title of platforms and puzzles that puts you in the role of Qbby, a nice cube with legs and eyes with the ability to create a string of boxes of nothing. The title includes more than 180 levels to explore across four worlds. In each world you can find a Qbaby, a small way of life similar to the protagonist. They will need our support and according to go helping them, we will be rewarded with the ability to create new types of boxes. Shatter walls with pump boxes, use a box rocket to lift us into the air, Teleport with a telecaja or dispatch a box remote to reach every corner of the level are some of the skills that we can achieve.

The title will be compatible with amiibo. We may use the collection of figures of Kirby to unlock numerous skins and can dress up Qbby as Kirby, Waddle Dee and Meta Knight and King Dedede in Super Smash Bros. In addition, those who have kept their BoxBoy certificates! in its Nintendo 3DS may transfer 10 additional skins, which provide different skills to Qbby. If it is the case of BoxBoxBoy! receive other 8 skins. And in case outside little, data for both titles will unlock both the skin of Qucy and the option of playing in a game mode that includes a visual touch that resembles the Game Boy.

Bye-bye BoxBoy! will be the next 23 of March for Nintendo 3DS at a price of 4.99 euros.

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