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Clash Royale: the information of the executioner

Verdugo Clash Royale

Already a few weeks ago that Supercell announced the second batch of letters that come to Clash Royale, and in fact, we already have available two of the four announced. The first added letter was the Goblin showing, and we already have available the second letter of the new batch, the executioner.

All about the executioner

It’s a letter epic at a cost of five drops of elixir to plant it in the sand. This imposing troop goes armed with a huge axe that uses as if it were of a boomerang. I.e., that attack distance with a stroke that damages to land and air units.

It is possible to unlock the executioner from wild sand, the last one before the legendary. As we said before, his ranged attack damage to land and air troops, but also does it for two, already that the axe style Boomerang will hit twice troop enemy. It also has splash effect.

Level 1 features a total of 760 points of life, more damage to sand of 106 points (x 2) and damage per second of 44 points (x 2). On the other hand, his movement speed is average, with a speed of attack by 2.4 seconds. Finally, the scope of the executioner is 5 points.

The problem of the executioner

Although a priori not seemed one of the most powerful Supercell title cards, already there are many players with complaints about its disproportionate power, as being “op” –overpowered. Players who have managed to bring to the executioner to level 3 see how her other splash damage units become useless, as the magician.

If the main objective of splash damage is harm with a number of medium or low, pv the executioner is a troop that endures shock very well with those 760 points of life at level 1, which increase to level 3. Not to mention the damage that is capable of causing the extra of the area of land and air troops damage.

We are confident that Supercell will review the damage/life of the executioner to tweak it just enough so that not be perceived “op”. At the moment we can only enjoy it while we wait for arriving two following letters from the new batch; the battle RAM (10 February) and the gang of goblins (February 24).

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