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Confirms Payday 3 by Starbreeze Studios

Starbreeze Studios has announced that they have reached an agreement with 505 Games to acquire the rights to the franchise Payday in a transaction of no less than 30 million dollars. In addition, as part of this announcement have confirmed 3 Payday.

With this agreement, Starbreeze now has total control over the franchise Payday, including mobile, Payday Payday 2 and the development and marketing of future installments in the series.

The statement mentions that Starbreeze will receive earnings from Payday 2 on Steam starting May 1, while in the case of Payday 2: Crimewave Edition revenues will continue dividing between Starbreeze and 505 Games. Regarding Payday 3, they point out that once they recover the costs of development and advertising they will see 505 Games to receive 33 per cent of the profits from the game.

Finally it is worth noting that you mentioned that they will continue supporting Payday 2 for 18 more months, and that the game will be updated to improve the skill tree and eliminate the famous micro-transactions that were so criticized.

We hope to soon have more information Payday 3, maybe at E3 2016.

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