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Connect a wheel of a real car to Mario Kart 64

Always it has been said that there is no better way of playing racing games of cars than with a wheel of simulation, and some users have managed to connect the steering wheel of a Chevrolet Volt as a command to an emulator with the Mario Kart 64.

Gordon Hlavenka submitted the video to YouTube with the feat: his son and some friends used car Chevrolet Volt as a remote and connected them to a Raspberry Pi through the OBD2 port. This in turn was connected to a laptop, which was running an emulator.

The Raspberry Pi was connected to the OBD2 port to read signals from the parts of the car and was configured to do specifically with the Chevrolet Volt. Then on the laptop they interpreted signs passing them to Mario Kart 64 commands in the emulator.

With all this managed to play Mario Kart 64: steering wheel and brakes were used just as in real life, while with the lever of the lights is jumping and with the wiper is throwing objects.

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