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CSGO receives many complaints by its recent update

Valve has released a new update to the popular shooter CSGO which have enabled the Revolver R8 and the Negev in the competitive mode machine gun. The scandal would not be so abundant if it weren’t for change which have made him the machine gun.

Negev machine gun has received a drastic price reduction, as it’s been costing 5,700 $2,000. This signifies a major change in the goal-the popular shooter game, because now en second round can already access to buy a machine gun completely devastating.

CSGO Negev price low cost matchmaking

According to Valve, this is proof they are doing for a limited time, and that will depend on the community, in such a way that if positive feedbacks are received, this would be a permanent change.

Just a few hours after the release of the patch, already we have seen as the users complain of this great change through the forums of reddit.

And you, like the new Negev?

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