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Deadlight Director’s Cut. Analysis PS4

Already almost four years of the launch of the first version of Deadlight for Xbox 360 and PC, now remastered version comes to Xbox One and PC, and for the first time to a console from Sony, the Playstation 4. We’ve tried it and I have everything to offer us this new version Deadlight Director’s Cut.

This time in Seattle

For which they do not jugaseis the first version which was launched from the game you should know that we we have a new disease that has spread very quickly and that is turning human beings into zombies, is a classic story. What gives the different touch to Deadlight Director’s Cut with other stories of zombies is the depth of the personality of the protagonist.

Randall Wayne is a solo and taciturn Ranger Canadian that, fleeing of the outbreak of this disease, is sees forced to separate is of your family and all it history revolves on the adventure that you supposed get until it city American of Seattle, where expected rediscover is with his woman and his daughter in what called a point safe. Although this story really not offers nothing original within the gender the personality of the protagonist us maintains engaged during the short duration that has this plot main.

The part negative of this history is its short duration, divided in three acts that can overcome without any problem in some 5-6 hours and a final that not are going to reveal but that us has left a flavor bittersweet. As regards the time even could tell is that the own game us challenges to overcome it in the less time possible since in the menu appear some markers in which can compare our times with them of others players.

Deadlight Director's Cut

Once we overcome the way history, Deadlight Director’s Cut gives us a nightmare that will make us much more difficult things and other Survival Mode in which we will have to survive the possible waves of zombies with weapons that will appear to us.

Always forward

Deadlight Director’s Cut gives us a very simple gameplay that incorporates different commands as the game progresses such as firearms but that despite that is controlled in a very intuitive way. This is achieved thanks to a mobility in two dimensions which at the beginning we will only have to move forward and move on as we will be puzzles that require us more mental acuity that skill with the remote control.

In addition to the simplicity of the controls can be said that the character always responds accurately to all that ordered him from the remote control which makes that the gaming experience is very comfortable.

Deadlight Director's Cut

As we have already said Deadlight Director’s Cut is a platform in an atmosphere of Survival Horror that will challenge us with some puzzles but that, thanks to its good controls and the intuitive, will allow us to concentrate and enjoy the story.

In a devastated world

As it could not be otherwise in the graphic aspect is where he most notices the leap that gives this new version re-mastered from the game. If we compare it with the original Director’s Cut Deadlight brings new animations as well as the best resolution.

These are improvements that we can see but also held some of the strong points that most stood out since its launch, such as the designs of original levels with puzzles that will not put it us not easy and the feeling of 3 dimensions which give us the images of background on them we can see zombies who are trying to reach us or simply the landscape that gives some realism to the title.

Deadlight Director's Cut

Sound level it must be said that the music that accompanies our protagonist is perfectly suited to so dark and dramatic situation which shows us this story doing something completely immersive.


Tequila Works has done a great job in this arrival of Deadlight Director’s Cut to consoles next gen and if we had an entertaining game in 2012 this new version with its new mode of gameplay and Visual improvements significantly improves the experience although still sinning his short-lived.

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