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Derivation, the episode 3 of The Lion s Song, is now available on Steam

Mipumi Games has announced that the third episode of The Lion s Song, the narrative title is now available on PC. The episode 3: Derivation tells the story of Viennese mathematics Emma, whose brilliant academic achievements are not well received in a scientific world dominated by men at the beginning of the 20th century. To celebrate the announcement, they have shown their launch trailer.

“In the first two episodes, the main characters struggling to Excel in her discipline, in addition to finding themselves, while Emma faces an additional challenge: be accepted as a woman in academia”, said the Chief Executive of Mipumi Gregor Eigner. “We wonder how many brilliant minds were held back by such social conventions, and we wanted to shed some light on a story where a genius can succeed despite everything.”

The Lion s Song is a narrative set in the early 20th century. Title will tell us the story of a series of artists and Austrian scientists in each episode, where you check in his personal struggle with creativity and inspiration. We take the characters in different ways and enjoy alternative items. The decisions we make in each episode will have a direct impact on the plot of the episodes past and future.

Episode 3 of The Lion s Song is now available on PC through Steam, at a price of 3.99 euros, or as part of the season pass for 9.99 euros. Then we leave the launch trailer.

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