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Destiny: how to get the en vogue from year 3


The Lords of iron has reached Destiny with great force and many things that provide us, including enemies, activities, objects, weapons, and even a new raid that we have available. These weapons include whips of our beloved en vogue, so today I teach how to get it step by step.

Get the adventure of the en vogue

By way of preparation, we need to complete the story of the DLC to have unlocked the patrols in the Pestiferas lands, as well as have at least one symbiote key in our inventory. If you have followed our guide to get the rifle Khvostov you will know that the “mothers of the litter” in the Pestiferas lands, release them so it will be easy to get one.

With the key in our inventory, we will have to go to the fortress of Archon – as we left the land Pestiferas, the left – and accept a Mission of scanning. These missions are those that have a somewhat similar to spectrum symbol. We need to take the mark in this area to receive the appropriate mission.

From here it is a matter of following the path that marks the Mission up to the enemy that we must kill, a Walker. If we take the relic and put ourselves on top of the symbiont Walker giving non-stop we will end it in seconds. Once dead, scan the environment to finish the mission, and now yes, receive the adventure of the en vogue year 3.

Complete the adventure “Beautiful destruction”

The adventure that will give us the en vogue as a reward is composed of several different steps, although many of them are to return to the Temple of iron to speak with NPCs. Then you have all the steps to follow to complete the:

  • Step 1: talk to Tyra Karn. The first step is simply talk with the Criptarca of the new space social, that we entrusted our first task.

  • Step 2: find the medallions of Wolf. We need to pick up a total of 8 medals of iron in different parts of the land Pestiferas – fortress of the Archon, bastion of iron, Bunker Triglav, Arctic shipwreck, Gorge forgotten, Area 6 and Summit Felwinter – without having to follow a particular order. Then you have a great video guide of Zamora Games showing the location of all the medallions:

  • Step 3: talk to Tyra Karn. We return to the Felwinter Summit to talk with the new Criptarca.

  • Step 4: complete the mission “Sign of honour”. After delivering the medallions of iron will have to complete this mission, which leads us to the map of the Tower in the crucible. At the mission we have to defend a couple of pumps of multiple fallen foes and finish with a captain called Iliksis. Much better if we are square, but it will not pose us many problems.

  • 5 steps: talk to Tyra Karn. We return to the Temple of iron to talk to the Criptarca, who entrusted us with our next mission.

  • Step 6: find 5 clusters of SIVA sleeper. There is a total of 30 clusters of SIVA sleepers scattered throughout the different stages of the DLC, and we need to find 5 to continue the Mission of the en vogue. You can use Destiny SIVA cluster page to find them quickly. Enter the name of One/PS4 marks the clusters that we lack, with videos to locate them.

  • Step 7: talk to Lord Saladino. To collect the Fifth cluster of SIVA sleeper will automatically activate the next step, which commands us to the Temple of iron to talk with Saladin and receive the last part of the adventure.

  • Step 8: complete the mission “beautiful execution.” In this mission, we will have to eliminate all the fallen appear to us while our spectrum reconstructs the Gjallarhorn. Et voila, will receive it automatically to 350 when the process is concluded. Finally, mission will be finished with a pair of walkers and a few enemies with our brand-new Gallie.

They a year later, here we have the new en vogue in its heyday, and feelings are fantastic. In addition, with the en vogue from year 3 unlocked already we may use the Gjallarhorn of iron that comes as an extra to book the iron Lords before the launch. What you think about the triumphant return of the best launchers of Destiny?

And you you think? Check out Destiny: how to get the en vogue from year 3 to leave your footprint.

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