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Destiny: how to upload fast the light level to 350 points


With the new DLC of Destiny – the Lords of iron – the maximum ceiling light has climbed back, and now we find that we have to climb from 335 to no less than 400 when the raid is available in hard mode. Rome was not made in a day, so today we told you the fastest way to reach the first goal: go up to 350 points of light.

The light level up to 350

There are many different ways to climb to 350 points, but the most obvious is to directly buy the equipment we have available on the DLC at first. Although we can not buy all parts, which we obtain in Exchange for our lumen help that you engrams that we find are increasingly more high level. Here is the equipment available for purchase:

  • Get the armor complete to 350: it have quite simple to remove all the armor to 350 points of light, since Lord Shaxx sells them parts in the Tower directly to this level. We will make us with helmet by 120 badges, the gauntlets, boots, and chest by 75 tokens each, and the spectrum by 100 badges of legend. This adds a very high number, so we will have to pull the discard obsolete equipment and farmear weekly missions.

  • Get object class to 350: Shiro-4 has them in the Temple of iron, and will be sold to us in exchange of an engram of legend and 5000 lumen units each.

  • Get the appliance to 350: to get the artifact, which would be the last piece of armor required to climb to 350 light, will have to complete the adventure “Champion of light”, which is included in the activities of the DLC we receive automatically.

  • Get weapons to attack 350: with only a few hours playing will have a few engrams blue and legend to decrypt, so if already have the fairly high level of light with all the armor, then receive arms to 350 points. From here it is a question of infusing weapons that we like most and peacefully reach 350 light.

To not walk very unbalanced weapon, is a very good idea to get the en vogue’s year 3 and get the rifle Khvostov as soon as possible. In this way, although we can only carry a unique weapon equipped, we will have a couple of powerful weapons to attack with which advance faster 350.

This first section of light is based on pure capitalism, so we have to buy, buy, buy! Of course, we can also make it to the old school and save all our distinctive up with engrams go picking up, although the process will be very slow. Remember equip higher parts before decrypting the following engrams.

Keep in mind that the year 2 team may not be very useful at the moment (at this point we should have much accumulated only of Oryx), but the distinctive that we are very well. In regard to engrams of legend that we have, the armor can give us 3 year parts, those of weapons do not.

Hands-on, custodians. We have high level of light that up, and 350 is only the first goal of our race in the background until you reach the maximum possible.

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