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Destiny: location and inventory of Xur (24-26 June)

Destiny imagen Xur

As all the weekends, Xur is back with exceptional objects to complete our inventory. This week has brought exceptional weapon, as well as parts of the sophomore team ready to be acquired and thus increase our level with the aim of quickly reaching 335 light. Xur is located in in the gazebo beside the speaker room, at La Torre. It will be there until 10 in the morning of Sunday, June 26.

Staff available this week

  • Dodge-MK.44 (Titan exceptional leg armor). Defense: 280 | Discipline: + 41 / strength: + 42 | Price: 13 foreign currencies

  • Raspberry of luck (exceptional chest Hunter armor). Defense: 280 | Intellect: + 48 / discipline: + 42 | Price: 13 foreign currencies

  • Claws of Ahamkara (exceptional gauntlets sorcerer). Defense: 280 | Strength: + 56 | Price: 13 foreign currencies

  • Time and patience (exceptional sniper rifle). Attack: 280 | Damage: arch | Price: 23 foreign coins

  • Traditional engram (exceptional helmet). It will provide us with a random helmet of the first year of Destiny, with an attack of 160 points, and no capacity to be infused. | Price: 29 foreign coins

Additional objects

Xur has brought plasma engines for our Hummingbird, and synthetic refills heavy rate of 3 charges per 1 foreign currency. We also have the consumable three coins, which we will have chances accumulated that the defeat at an Ultra, we pull an engram exceptional. The price of consumable three coins is 7 strange coins in Exchange for a batch of 5 consumables.

Finally, we have glass needles, a material that costs 3 strange coins, 3 specks of light, and 1 exceptional fragment. Glass needles can use the “Twisted destiny” node and change the statistics and improvements of any part of exceptional armor that we have.

This week Xur has brought the time and patience sniper rifle, a weapon very recommended if we like the role of shooter in PvP, since their two great perks give us active camouflage aiming with the sight and enable the radar. If we want to be ghosts, this is our weapon. On the other hand, Titan leg armor is also recommended if you like us to play with the assailant.

Since there is no weekly heroic mission, we have no source “assured” of coins, but it is true that appear more often than before in all kinds of activities, and we have more sources to get foreign currencies.

And you you think? Check out Destiny: location and inventory of Xur (24-26 June) to leave your footprint.

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