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Destiny: where to find the chests in the raid the fury of machines


Each incursion new that see in Destiny arrives with a lot of chests secret that have the probability of give us weapons quite best that which carry, at least in our first split in the raid. As it could not be otherwise, the incursion of the Lords of iron – the fury of the machines – also has chests, and we we told you where to find them all.

All the chests secret of the RAID

  • First chest secret: after the first encounter with Vosik will arrive to the sequence of jumps. Will have that divert us from the road main climbing to them platforms more high to find a road to the left. Continue the road jumping by the pipes to get to a new room with the chest.

  • Second chest secret: once Vosik fall defeated (this time itself) in the second meeting, we will have that face the second sequence of jumps. Again, we must seek a platform on top of our position and follow that road to reach a room with pipes and fans. We will use them to climb and get to a room on the left which will take us to the second box.

  • Third secret chest: in the same area of jumps to the previous box, right on the last platform before moving to the next phase will have to turn us to see a beam at the end of the road, which starts a new sequence of jumps that lead us to the third box.

  • Fourth secret chest: after ending the siege machine (or skip this part) will have to cross a bridge and enter a cave. Before, will climb by the part left of the wall and will continue towards the right by them rocks to find the room chest at the end of the road.

Most of the time the way forward becomes a little complicated with both jump by pipes, in addition to the remarkable darkness of the environment. For this, a picture is worth a thousand words, so you can follow the Guide in video from youtuber Arekkz to know the exact position of the chests.

Of time these are the chests that them players of Destiny have found in the raid, and not is necessary have any key in inventory to open them. We have to refine the ability by jumping to reach those without die a thousand times in an attempt to.

And you that you think? Pass you by Destiny: where find them chests in the raid the fury of the machines to leave your footprint.

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