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Discover how to put mods on and mods

No doubt the last game that has become extremely famous thanks to internet and the youtubers is Which is basically a facelift of has managed to burst in a very intense way the counter of visits to their videos, becoming quite viral in the field. Look to where now is the thing, as you already have up to mods, and ye recuero we are talking about a game browser.

So no, if you are interested in the game and put these mods, I am going to explain how extremely easy it is. If you ask you which add, all the functions are:

  • Skins.
  • Funding for the game.
  • Possibility to zoom.
  • A party system, to play with your friends.
  • A warning system to change the page, to save us miss clicks.
  • Custom funds.
  • Sound effects.
  • Custom background music.

For all the first thing that you should keep in mind is only works with Google Chrome, so if you use another browser will not work. Anyway, this can be downloaded for free and a second, so it is not no problem. Once already have browser, just saying you have to go to the page that you have below and once inside click the button that says click to install script. Chrome then it will ask if you want to add an extension and will confirm it Yes. When I already downloaded and installed, you must restart the browser.

When have you already done the steps above you will see that you have mods installed and ready to play. I have to say that it also adds things to, so if you are both game players better for you. So you know, now you will arrive to the tops with more style than ever before.

Mods for page | Agariomods

And you you think? Stop by see how to put mods on and to leave your footprint.

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