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Discover the new set of improvements in Monster Hunter Generations


If there is a negative point in the saga Monster Hunter, that is without a doubt the farmeo. In many cases we have to spend hours and hours fighting the same Monster or itching in an area until the game deign to dropear the item that we need. It is part of the experience and so the developers make it clear, but that doesn’t mean to be maddening at times. Luckily the guys at Capcom have a great of and changed u little system improvement and creation of weapons and armor, being this now much more flexible. You have more of these developments below.

Same requirements, more options

Now to create a weapon we can use various materials to replace others, for example; We can use a material of the same type (mineral) of higher rank to cover several less rare, what makes that we spend less time from here to there trying to get that elitalita we need. It may seem stupid, but it really makes the game much more enjoyable, there is still that factor of gathering so important, only, now we can manage it in a more simple way.

With respect to the improvements; they now work with levels. Is seems quite to the standard that followed them crossbows and the glaive insect in the previous title of the saga. As with the crafteos, now is all a little more practical. Thanks enough.

From Capcom have made quite clear that they have worked to achieve a level of significant but not overwhelming collection, making that the game focuses more on hunting having to worrying less about objects. From Xombit Games you clarify that, they have certainly done a great job leveling the gameplay without breaking the original and addictive spirit of the franchise.

Waiting to continue the hunt?

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