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Discovered the farmear mode experience in Overwatch

As we all well know, the fact of gaining experience in any type of game to make evolve/move our characters, it is something very expensive that we normally get with the sweat of our brow. Now in Overwatch has discovered how to do it in an unorthodox way.

Thanks to the new Explorer’s servers of Overwatch, now is so easy get experience as introduce the term “farm” in the Finder of servers, since when it introduces us appear things as the following:

afk farm overwatch

We only come to one of these servers and choose a character from time to time and little else. Some propose to let everything flow during the night, so we reach levels in Overwatch while we sleep.

Of this mode, and with the minimum effort, can raise levels and obtain, with each one of them, a box of loot with rewards that, usually, is have won hard. In this case, no.

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