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Disgaea 5 Complete shows gameplay in new trailer

Nippon Ichi Software, through its Japanese Youtube Channel, It has shown a new trailer for Disgaea 5 Complete, the new version of the title of the strategic role that will reach Nintendo Switch. This video focuses on show several sequences taken directly from the game, in addition to presenting some of the main characters.

Disgaea 5 complete is a strategic role which tells the history of Killia, a young demon that has been raised against the terrible Overlord Void Darkreign. We can recruit new members for our army rebel among more than 40 classes and races, as well as to customize to our liking. This new version of the title includes 8 new scenarios, 4 new characters and 3 classes that were included through DLC in the PlayStation 4 release. The physical version of the title will also have a reversible cover.

Disgaea 5 Complete reach Nintendo Switch on 26 May , both in physical and digital format. Then we leave her trailer.

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