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Download now Justice Five Monsters, the minigame from Final Fantasy XV

Justice Monsters Five

For more than one and one, the star of the Final Fantasy mini is one of the best extras that has the game, without a doubt. Remember those countless hours playing the Blitzball in Final Fantasy X or Final Fantasy IX Tetra Master Games addictive. Authentic delicacies of minigames that we kept (even more) hours glued to the screen.

How not, Final Fantasy XV could not be less, and will also feature a somewhat modernized minigame if compared to the previous ones, but that House very well with the modern atmosphere of the game. It is Justice Five Monsters, which forms a curious pinball and RPG flavour mixture. The best? Already is available for iOS and Android, and will arrive soon to PC.

It already plays a Justice Five Monsters on iOS and Android

The main component of this mini-game is the arcade in form of pinball, although as said, has some elements of RPG. Basically have that press the screen to launch it “ball” and defeat to them monsters that appear in the Board, with the help of five heroes different-Bomb Bro, Casanova Coeurl, Fab Flan, Grim Gargoyle and Lamiana-that will give an effect different to the ball.

For advance will have that go exceeding those levels, each one of them with several phases that conclude in a battle against a boss. By the road can improve to them heroes, but it will be quite easy because Square Enix offers 150 orbs Golden free on the occasion of the launch, that is accumulate to which collect each day.

Justice Monsters Five is available for free for Android and iOS from right now, so we don’t have to wait until Final Fantasy XV is available to spend hours in the recreational machine playing this minigame. Just when it seemed that the hype for the new title of the saga is dissipated with the flurry of releases, returns to the palestra to remind us that it is coming soon.

You can download it free through the following links, but you have to wait a little bit still to be able to play it on PC. Sweet deal this to already enjoy the minigame.

Justice Monsters Five free Android download

Download Justice Monsters Five

And you you think? Check out download already Justice Five Monsters, the minigame from Final Fantasy XV to leave your footprint.

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