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Dragon Ball Fusions with your reservation at GAME gift

Video GAME chain has announced incentives for booking of Dragon Ball Fusions, the title role and action of the famous franchise for Nintendo 3DS. With each reservation of title will receive a poster and the Explosion of the fist of the Dragon movie! DVD exclusive gift shops. These incentives will come including both in the editing normal as in the Edition special, that includes apart a box metal.

Dragon Ball Fusions is a title role and action, developed by GanbarionStudio, which combines fighting, personalization, and collection of objects. The title features an extensive cast of characters that encompasses the entire universe of movies and Dragon Ball anime series. We plunge into a new original Adventure mode with history or we can show our skills in the fight in multiplayer combat mode.

The title allows us to merge the powers of the entire cast of characters, in a way that it is possible to create infinite and powerful combinations. It allows us to use the Nintendo 3DS camera to make pictures and merge them with the characters of Dragon Ball or exchanging special moves with nearby players.

Dragon Ball Fusions reach Europe next February 17 exclusively for Nintendo 3DS.

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