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Dragon Quest Heroes II introduces Maribel and Gronzo

Square Enix has shown a new trailer for Dragon Quest Heroes II, the sequel to the spin-off of the Dragon Quest series. This video focuses on presenting two new heroes who players will find on his journey, Maribel and Gronzo.  With sequences taken directly from its playability, this video shows us their techniques and abilities unique to multitude of enemies to fight.

Dragon Quest Heroes II is the next installment in the title role and massive action based on the Dragon Quest franchise. This title tells us how our players will have to meet with the Supreme overlord of the seven kingdoms, before the invasion of the Kingdom of boom by the dunecino army. Before seeing as the world joins in the chaos, they will have to find a solution and make it to reign peace.

The title will include a large number of characters with unique abilities, among them are old acquaintances of the Dragon Quest series and two new heroes, Lazarus and Teresa cousins. It will also include a new multiplayer online, where we can meet up with other 3 players to finish together with great waves of enemies.

Dragon Quest Heroes II will come on April 25 for PC, while the PlayStation 4 version will be available on the 28th of the same month. Then we leave the trailer.

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