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Dreamfall Chapters shows new details of its history in a new trailer

Within days of its release, Red Thread Games and Deep Silver have shown a new trailer of Dreamfall Chapters, the new adventure coming PlayStation4 and Xbox One. This video focuses on show new details of the history of the title, about the characters and the plot.

Dreamfall Chapters is an Adventure 3D which is set in two parallel worlds: on the one hand a dark vision cyberpunk our future and, on the other hand, a Magic Kingdom of fantasy. The title is a mature, emotional, dark, magical and heartbreaking adventure that tells the story of two unusual heroes in his adventures through these worlds to save from the breakdown to the fabric of reality.

The title was launched on PC in episodic format, but the two versions of consoles of Dreamfall Chapters will have the full story, including the five episodes and a total of 13 episodes. In addition also include many improvements: models of characters retouched, enhanced animations, lighting and special effects as well as an extended soundtrack as well as improved sound effects.

After the delay, Dreamfall Chapters will be available next May 5 on PlayStation 4 and Xbox One at a price of €29.99. Then we leave the trailer.

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