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Dystoria. Analysis PC

This time we bring you the analysis of Dystoria, the new proposal of the independent study Tri-Coastal Games coming to Steam brimming with action and hectic that we must overcome a series of really challenging sectors.

Playing with shafts

When playing Dystoria could not help remembering the more than renowned Kula World of PlayStation, both titles share this gameplay skilled have to move through different perspectives of geometric surfaces, while we get an object in particular to be able to continue to advance in levels. In this case, to get objects are a kind of white orbs that are scattered across the map and which are necessary to complete the level. As well as being a clear tribute to the arcades of the 80’s.

Dystoria goes a little beyond genre adding several features extras like bonuses that you will find the map, by releasing weapon to complete our armament in game, as well as other combined objects that get more points. Also, as we go forward by different sectors of the game, will be presenting a series of enemies that shoot nothing but see us. However, these are fairly simple Dodge with the ability to move through the different axes of dimension, or analyze their behavior to stop them. And challenges that complicate our progress as mobile platforms.

During our play session we have only two types of ship available from the start. The remaining must be unlocked through comp points that you get playing and playing in various sectors. Each ship has different characteristics ranging from speed and shield to resistance. Depending on the model, these will be changing. They are also customizable but at the level of armament, i.e., before our departure we can prepare two main weapons as well as a third one to adapt to the corresponding level and present enemies.

Dystoria is a really frenetic, not by the great emergence of adversaries, but by its playability. Tri-Coastal Games has got some skill that it is required before the mouse or command just in the handling of the camera. This, although lower sensitivity from the settings, is quite demanding as, failing light movements, it will move really quickly hindering the progress of the ship and above all, annoying on many occasions the orientation. Aspect with which we will have several issues to be sensitive players, since it will prompt motion sickness due to its control and to operate the ship for any possible scenarios axis.

However, once familiar with the camera, we find an addictive and intense game equally that through its various puzzles will make us spend a pleasant and entertaining, while at the same time that hateful because as we move levels will be more complicated and the deaths and retries will be there present.

Futuristic neon environment

The Tri-Coastal Games Action game is a clear tribute to the 80’s arcade games. An appearance strikingly in the purest style neon sea, it looks as if we were inside the own Tron, for instance. Where the action is set entirely in space, finding different geometric scenarios to complete. But to reach this situation Dystoria has a plot, really basic to be functional, in which a character is absorbed by an alien space ship to compete in the game against other species of the universe. A simple premise, but more than enough to become completely crazy to complete all levels in the shortest time possible.


Graphically we are not to a degree that surprises, everything has a very minimalist design with touches of intense lights neon, some details of the space environment and little else. The rest are flat monochrome background textures that serve as platforms and databases that move us. However, the models of ships, scenarios and enemies surprisingly fulfill its mission without any glue. While out of the game we move through a room of their own ship which we absorbed, with a more polished design and outside what is the simple world of Dystoria. From here we can configure our ships and choose the sector to complete.

On the other hand, the more work is, without doubt, sound and ambience that has managed to recreate Tri-Coastal Games in their title. A. Dystoria accompanied by a great soundtrack at all times agrees themed presented, as well as a high level of effects on explosions or shots with which to identify enemies with only the ear. The atmosphere that surrounds us becomes surprising to completing, in this way, a product the sea round.

Conclusion Dystoria

With Dystoria is a title for those who you love or hate, either for some or other reasons or simply because it is not the genre that you like spend hours. If you are a lover of the challenge and the genre of movement by the six-axis, the team of Tri-Coastal Games has achieved an amazing game in many respects that will meet your expectations. Well it is true that some technical issues and controls settings can hinder the final experience, but as we have said above, if you are skilled and after a while practicing, it picks up ease and mastery. Simple at first glance, yet addictive in its final result.

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