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Dystoria announces its release date

Finalizing the Tri-Coastal Games guys because details of his new project, which has been christened Dystoria and today we have known will be its release date.

It’s a futuristic spaceships title where you have to fly through scenes full of vivid colors and enemies to destroy. In addition Dystoria plays with the camera and the movement with respect to our ship which together with music and scenarios will generate a very psychedelic environment that will engage more eighties titles lovers. Here’s a small teaser where you can see the game in motion:

“Dystoria is inspired by movies and games from the 80’s like Tron or Star Wars and tries to offer a stimulating experience both visually and aurally.”

Dystoria will arrive only in digital format to computers around the world via the Steam digital platform and the launch date chosen is on 21 February. Its output in our territory will cost 14.99€. Now only hope to enjoy this exciting challenge of piloting, combat and exploration through space that promises us to offer Dystoria.

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