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Earthlock: Festival of Magic. Analysis PS4

Today we bring you the analysis of one of those titles that would not have been possible without the funding of the community of players. A project funded through Kickstarter that stands out by being a title of role of cutting more Japanese despite be development by Snowcastle Games, a study independent Norwegian. We are talking of Earthlock: Festival of Magic, a title role that will take us to the world of Umbra. The title was already released in digital format a few months ago but it now comes in physical format from the hand of advance CDs.

An adventure in Umbra

Earthlock: Festival of Magic takes us to the world of Umbra where join Amon, a young treasure hunter. This will embark on a great adventure in search of his uncle, kidnapped after the discovery of an ancient relic of great value. In addition Amon will not be only, throughout history different characters for various purposes will be joining their trip. Arguably, the title is not too attractive. The narrative that offers, is too typical of a title of this genre, and not offers too many elements original.

Earthlock: Festival of Magic

As for paragraph playable, we find a role shift quite classic title. Throughout our adventure, we will have to go exploring a world where we will be visiting various locations. Among these we can move us with freedom by a world quite broad. The exploration will be one of those pillars fundamental of the gameplay, and to facilitate it the title has with a series of portals that us teletransport to different places that already have recognized.

Our journey will be full of battles, and the first detail that stands out in this aspect is that the encuentros will not be random. Our exploration by the different scenarios, see enemies on screen, which will give us the opportunity to avoid, or even attack them before being detected to gain advantage in combat. As we have already mentioned, fighting develops round-robin, in which we will give different orders to our characters. Despite classic of its concept, the title has a quite original quality on this section, and is that each character can change his fighting style. This feature allows us to Exchange in the middle of combat weapons, attacks or to our group of combat skills. To this we must add the system of pairs, whereby we will make final skills by filling a bar as we fight.

Combat is fairly simple, especially for the more versed in the genre, but has a wide variety of strategies that give depth to the title. Every enemy will have their strengths and weaknesses which will have to be careful when choosing the fighting style of our characters well. In addition you can consult about the types of enemies in the bestiary that we have at our disposal on the menu.

Earthlock: Festival of Magic

As we are overcoming the different fighting, our characters may get better. In this system of progression we have “Talent” that allow us to unlock new skills. When we get a new point, we can enable a checkbox on a Board that will give us a profit, and arriving at concrete boxes get new skills for your character.

Moreover, as in all title role that boasts, we visit the various stores throughout the world to buy different items. But we can also create some of them through the system of crafteo which has the title. In addition to the objects that we are gathering at the end of our battles, we will also have the possibility of planting our own garden and collect materials for the creation of health potions and other items.

Simplicity in the technical

Graphically Earthlock: Festival of Magic is not the most powerful given the console, although it should be remembered that it is an independent development. The models both of characters as scenarios are in 3D, imitating the style graphic of title of role of the era of PlayStation or PlayStation 2. He title has in this paragraph with a style of drawings animated, where we found some designs colorful but with a level of detail quite low. On the other hand, the animations leave enough that wish, above all in them fighting.

Earthlock: Festival of Magic

As regards the paragraph sound, the title has with a band sound and some effects of sound that although accompany of way successful during our adventure, pass quite unnoticed. Also the title has with a total absence of dubbing, and those characters only is communicated through texts. These, on the other hand, are completely localized to the Spanish.

Conclusion of Earthlock: Festival of Magic

Earthlock: Festival of Magic is a fairly classic role shift that, even though we are nothing of the other world, can have us enough hours engaged with its proposal. A title of the most interesting for fans of the genre that they have been something lacking in this type of games. Although technically it is not a too powerful title that your argument is not the most solid. Still, the title has a gameplay of the classic style of the genre, rememoramorando to the rpg of the 90’s, as well as a deep combat system that will delight fans of the genre.

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