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eSports, companies increasingly invest more in gaming events

Since always, those sports have been a focus of investment thanks to the amount of public that attract. Sports such as soccer in our country, American football, or basketball in the United States, have seen how is signed multi-million dollar contracts to increase the resources of the clubs and to reach a wider audience.

Companies are gradually giving account that eSports are a new sport on the rise and that it starts to take a good portion of the cake, having enormous potential and making Bill billions of euros a year. This is why companies invest more and more in this kind of events and, above all when they land in a country, gives them a visibility that is paid to gold price. Obviously businesses such as hardware or peripherals tend to be where most opt for this, but it should not be forgotten that other companies which a priori has nothing to do are also contributing their bit.


Little by little is getting that electronic sports are valued and respected as a sport and is in part due to companies who choose to put their money in events that, otherwise, perhaps would not be possible. For example, something so far removed from the game as they are snacks (although they tend to be a very common way to snack while playing), they are proving to be an active part in the Championships. In this we see a good example with Takis, a new deliciously spicy snack, which recently has landed in Spain’s Grupo Bimbo hand and that not only is present and active in the events (for example supporting the LVP), helping in various ways, but it also seeks to promote themselves in a way that is a little more original as for example with a Virtual reality game , supporting them new technologies and brewing is a little more if it is in our homes.


With this it is clear that such market eSports begin to be an unstoppable force that will soon touch the roof, eating and as with video games, booming, he spent being a sector of the leisure demonized and ridiculed to sell more than once all-powerful as together the film and music companies. We do not know what is what will bring us the future, what is clear is that with support so only you can go up, and them is the final image that we leave, belonging to the Dreamhack this year 2016 which took place last weekend.


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