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EVE Online: more hardcore still

EVE Online not ages. Grows. And if it wasn’t already sufficiently complex with its economic system real in which the actions of the players alter the balance of supply and demand, inflation, etc., now they have decided to keep the rhythm of NASA.

It makes just a few hours, the U.S. space agency announced that it had detected a solar system 40 light-years that contain 7 habitable planets, as our beloved and battered planet Earth.

Learning curve of EVE Online

As well, the artists of CCP Games refuse to remain very outdated with the gigantic space exploration Agency and they have started their own project. Project Discovery is a planned expansion or DLC who plan to finance via crowdfunding. Objective is to implement a scanning system that allows players to find planets existing in the real world, as those who were just ‘discover’ in the game.

So, friends… With enough support from the inhabitants of New Eden, a new era of unprecedented space exploration will take place in EVE Online.

And you? You would have wanted to see this project become a reality? Leave us your comments.

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