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Faeria. Analysis PC

There is no doubt that in recent years many games have found a great business model in free to play accompanied by micropayments. The most famous examples are Hearthstone and League of Legends that prevail within the eSports. Totime is attached to this strategy Faeria, the title developed by Abrakam SA that combines mechanical of other great games.

Faeria plays with the elements

Faeria roughly is a card game such as Hearthstone, Magic and even the Gwynt of The Witcher 3. Abrakam SA work is more like the first two already in our deck will find different beasts that will have a value of attack, a value of health and cost in Faeria, commonly known as mana. In addition to the beasts there are spells that will have an immediate effect on the game or a few cards called structures that lack value of attack but that will make certain functions to each shift to remain on the Board.

So far we have seen that Faeria contains elements that any minimally complex game must possess, but now we are going to talk about the Board, the aspect that makes it unique to Faeria. Each game begins with both heroes with 20 life points and separated by a map in which only we found wells of Faeria, from where we can extract some Mana extra. In each of the shifts we have different possibilities that are create two basic on board lands, create a basic land (forests, lakes, mountains and deserts), get a Faeria point or draw a card. We can only summon our cattle on our lands and the most powerful require us to have a number of basic lands to be able to invoke them. When we have the stage full of lands and beasts the objective will be to the reach the rival hero to leave it lifeless.


As happens in Hearthstone many letters they have skills that allow them to move more than one box on each shift or flying over areas without land, which gives the game a more profound dimension. Faeria is without a doubt a much more strategic play than the most famous of its kind due to this different scenario in each game.

A long apprenticeship

Obviously Faeria us starts her experience with an extensive tutorial that if we take it in a relaxed manner may be extended up to one hour and that explains us roughly how to cope in the creation of harnesses, both headings create letters and different challenges that will face.

In spite of this tutorial will be playing as we will learn to make the most of every move that we make during the games and soon surprised us himself making moves that at first you would think impossible.

The best way that offers Faeria to master the game is its offline mode posed by fighting against the AI that will increase the level of difficulty and forcing us to create decks of different elements and even mix them. Interspersed with puzzles in which there is a scenario specific, and we will have to finish the fight in a single turn.

In addition to the mode offline, also we can play online against other players either competitive or friendly matches. Finally the Pandora mode is in which you have to create a mallet by choosing one of each five cards offered by the system and block with that deck combat until receiving three defeats, will receive a different reward depending on the number of victories achieved.


Paying with hours of gameplay

As in other titles, most objects can buy them with gold of the game, but to achieve necessary gold have to complete the dailies consistently and spend a number of hours to the game. It is at this point where we find one of the biggest problems of the game and, although we do not consider Faeria to be a pay to win it it’s true that the amount of gold needed to buy new cards chests is something runnig.

While the game just starting the phase of Early Access should recognize that the items online are not made to wait too long and it seems that the game community is growing at a good pace.


Faeria has managed to find his hollow taking advantage of mechanical already exploited within the genre, but providing a Board which makes it a unique game and a new experience that will delight lovers of the strategy.

At the moment the only downside we found you is that great cost of hours that has gold and that could degenerate into that those willing to pay will become invincible within Faeria.

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